• Diner Newman

Broccoli Soup

A variation on the chicken soup, check out that recipe first:

My mom used to call this her "clean out the fridge soup" because it always ended up having one of every vegetable in it.

  1. Make the chicken soup as in the last recipe, but omit chicken meat.

  2. Add 1 diced whole head of broccoli, with stem peeled and diced, and the potatoes right at the beginning.

  3. Simmer until the vegetables are tender.

  4. You can run it through a food processor after it cools, for a cream soup. (Wait until it's cool enough to sip, or it will be a literal hot mess!)

⭐Try stirring in a dollop of heavy cream or sour cream just before serving.

⭐You can also add a handful of cubed cheddar before removing the pot from the heat, or top with shredded cheddar.

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