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Greg Gilroy: "HEAL"

Music is a multifaceted medium. It can be therapeutic, healing, purging, relieving. Greg Gilroy's first full length release, "HEAL", is all of these. Detailing the trials and tribulations of his massive self-healing undertaking, Greg has penned an album that seems to have been literally written with his own blood, sweat, and tears.

I'm going to date myself here, but does anyone remember Radio 104 fest? Not the new incarnation, but the gritty, muddy, day- long celebratory spectacle that was thousands of people, congregating on the Raceway, rocking out- a collective, angsty, anxious and caged-up vibe breaking through. I don't know if Greg was there with us, but this collection makes me feel like he was, if not in person, in spirit.

In this record, Greg slices himself open deeply to show us what's inside. It's a little surprising at times, delving into moments of metal & edgy teeth (track:"The Terrible"), and rough scratching at the layers that make up years of a life.

There is a definite theme here, and both the lyrics and riffs tells us very clearly what our lead man is feeling and pouring into the album. Chipping away the surface one chord at a time, Greg takes you, dear listener, through a journey where he sheds his skin, opens his heart, and lays bare every wound kept secret.

In my commitment to eschew comparisons to other bands or albums (hard as it is!), I won't mention any here, but if you're a 90's alternative rock fan, you'll recognize the influences immediately. "These Three Phases", my favorite track of the album, is a prime example.

Greg himself played all the instruments on the recording, save for the drums, which were played by Darrell Long, who also produced, mixed and engineered the album. You'll find Greg taking the album, and his new outlook, on the road this year, with "The Critically Ashamed Band" (Pete Sullivan/Guitars, Helene Logan/Lead Guitar, Vic Dusovic/ Drums) backing him up for live performances.

In keeping with the musical influence, the physical album is available on cassette in very limited supply, and on digital download for those who have been dragged, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century. You can get either format at:

We look forward to catching the live incarnation of Greg and "The Critically Ashamed Band" this year, and getting our purge on!

In the mean time, do what makes you feel good!

Love to yourself, The Dawg


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