Artist Bios

Dana Newman
Vocals / Harmonica
Dana has been making up her own songs since before she could talk, and still entertains her entourage of brightly colored teddy bears with new material. They're tough critics. Photo courtesy of Brian Bystrek Photography
Bryan Newman
Guitar / Vocals
Involved in music since childhood, Bryan began playing the guitar at age 13. Originally from New York, he is one of the original members of One Trip Garden, founded 1993. During that time, Bryan lived and studied at an ashram, nurturing his passion for guitar, and writing original music.
Photo Credit: Brian Bystrek
Xavier Pietri
Xavier is a Connecticut native and self-taught musician. He first experienced making music with fellow drum-circle percussionists. His instruments include congas, cajon, timbales, udu, darbukka, bata, ocean drum, dumbek, doundoun, tamora, cymbals, chimes, shakers and bells. He hopes his music allows others to join in his musical journeys.
Photo Credit: Heidi Washburn
Jeff Carter
Guitar / Guitar Synths / Vocals
CT native, former Berklee initiate, Jeff has been in the CT music scene since the early 90s. His passions for outlawed alien music technology and diverse genres led him to blend electric guitar with a host of synthesized instruments - inspiring musical adventures in funk, rhythm and blues, EDM, progressive rock and improvisational mandala rock. He may not be human. Photo Credit: Caitlin Pytlik
Mark Barca
Drums / Vocals
Mark grew up on the New London shoreline and is a veteran of the music scene there. Upon moving to the Farmington Valley, Mark established himself as a pocket player, solid beats and grooves. Mark has played in many local bands and concert events. His favorite drummer and vibe is Brian Dunne of Daryl's House. Check out his special, "less-is-more" style! Photo Credit: Stephanie Saccoccio
Thom Guthrie
Bass / Vocals
Thom grew up sleeping curled up around an AM radio, and all the rock, disco, Motown, hip-hop, and country music flooded his cells.
He was never going to be normal. That's just science. Photo Credit: Heidi Washburn
Whitney Gillette
Whitney's journey through the land of music began at the age of 12. A natural songbird, she is a lover of vocal harmonies and expression. From pop to Puccini, Whitney flutters from genre to genre with grace and ease. She is very excited to join Xray as they explore the cosmic unknown. Photo: Eric Paradine
Parker Hutchinson
Live Sound Engineer/Live Recording Engineer/Archivist
A lifelong fan and collector of music, Parker began his journey in live sound and recording at UNH.
When Parker is at the board, his meticulous attention to the sound and room keeps fans and musicians happy!
Photo: Third Half
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