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Cosmos Sunshine: "The Butterfly Fight Club"

If a tree in Central Park could write music, I believe that "The Butterfly Fight Club" would be the album it would write. Innocent as a naked newborn child, and worldly wise as a well-heeled traveler, this record's folk-pop sound is a breath of fresh air in today's music world. Released January 29, 2016, it's brand new to the world!

The first full length solo release by Cosmos Sunshine, it is at once a conversation with a dear friend, a social statement, a letter to a lover's memory. The gentle vocals and poetic, unpretentious lyrics are warm and inviting, and the songs, like Cosmos himself, are hopeful, optimistic, fun and kind to both the ears and the soul. Named to represent the balance so evident in every part of life, it wears the title well.

My favorite track of the record, "Brooklyn Bridge Song", is written about his experience participating in and observing the Occupy Wall Street protest movement's event, held in September 2011. The song portrays to the listener the positive collective attitude shared by the participants, and in Cosmos' own way, his sunny attitude toward tackling obstacles that may seem insurmountable.

My partner, Old Scratch, found his favorite song of the album in "Porcelain Flower", a peaceful tune that could well have been penned in the 70's, at the height of the flower child movement. Luckily, it missed the bus, and was born here instead, as a poignant song of found and lost love. Punctuated with beautiful flute melodies by artist Mayu Saeki, it's a truly lovely piece.

The instrumentation throughout is beautifully executed by Cosmos and members of his excellent band, including appearnces by the aforementioned Saeki, along with members Jeremy Carlstedt on drums, Michael Harlen on bass, Michael Parrish on piano, Greg Di Gesu on backing vocals and piano, and Todd Stoughton on mandolin, plus guest appearances by noteworthy players Peter Levin (keys for Gregg Allman) and Dave Dreiwitz of Ween, which adds up to a solid, satisfying listening experience.

The album, recorded on 16 track 2" tape analog format, was entirely live tracked (save for the lead parts, which were recorded after the rhythm tracks), and uses no punch-ins, quick fixes, or digital enhancements of any kind! It was recorded over just two days, using all first or second takes, because Cosmos and his gang of musician magicians are just that awesome.

You can have your very own physical copy (150g Vinyl), or digital download by visiting:

Cosmos is working on a second solo release, which is rumored to be a psychedelic electronic record, due out in 2017. In the mean time, you can catch Cosmos live, so be sure visit him on the Web for tour dates!

Happy listening, much love! The Dawg


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