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Viral Sound- "Exposure"

Everybody in the Northeast who loves live music is asking one important question: "Is it festival season yet?" Well, we're waiting too, and not patiently! Luckily, while we bide our time, we can have all of the funky festival vibe brought to us, with Viral Sound's debut album, "Exposure"!

This exciting release, unveiled in October 2014, packs a whole lot of talent and great writing into ten amazing tracks that will make you feel like you're spinning on the festival field, no matter where you are. Drawing inspiration from nearly every genre, this creative band just can't be beat. You'll hear veins of good old fashioned rock, reggae, soul and old school electronica, but that's not even scratching the surface of their broad musical inspiration.

Viral Sound is comprised of a handful of carefully chosen members. They're all grade A prime players, both in the studio and on stage. Lead singer and bassist Ariel Moore lays down a solid and melodic rhythm while he sings. His cool and welcoming personality shines through in his voice, and if you are fortunate enough to catch them live, you'll see his fantastic performance energy light up the room! Jordan Giangreco is a wizard with all things keys. His skills with synth, organs and pianos will amaze you, taking you from the dance floor to outer space, and his playing is a major contribution to giving Viral Sound their unique feel. Guitar virtuoso Charley Zahringer plays rhythms, lead, you name it. He's tasty and skilled, and you'd swear he's not even trying, until you see his epic guitar-face. One of my favorite jam band guitarists, he knows just what to play to elevate and excite the audience. Sticking it all together are Dan Rourke on drums and Chris Ottaviano manning the percussion. This pair is a well-oiled machine. They work as one, and their tight beats are the backbone of the music. I'm pretty sure they've got ESP, besides being amazing rhythm players. When you see them all play live, you'll witness some of the finest stage communication you can find in a new band. Viral Sound's live show is every bit as tight as they portray in "Exposure".

The mix and mastering of the album is noteworthy, I never had to touch the EQ on my stereo for it to sound perfect, and the songs flow seamlessly from one to the next. You'll find the lyrics uplifting and positive, and they're easy to understand, so you'll be singing along in no time! The songs aren't simply jams, they're catchy, well-written tunes, and all very different. This is an album that will give your dancing bones some long needed inspiration! I couldn't choose a favorite track from this album, it's too great as a whole work to pick just one.

If you've got a longing for a dynamic, eclectic sound and an elevated vibe, this is the album for you. It's got a permanent home in my own playlist, and I know you won't be disappointed! You can get your copy by download at:

If you want one of their super special physical albums (CD), you'll just have to catch them live this summer, at one of the many festivals and events they will be featured in! I'll be there, rocking the rail, stage right!

Until festival season, keep it groovy! The Dawg

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