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Tony Memmel- "We'll Be On the Radio"

Here at Third Half, our aim is to bring you new music that we think you'll love. We're happy report another success in our mission, with a release from recording artist, Tony Memmel. Ands new it is, we've received a special pre-release copy, the album officially drops February 26, 2016! Recorded in locations in Nashville, TN and Madison, WI, "We'll Be On the Radio" is an album we're thoroughly pleased to feature in our reviews.

Right from the first track, "We'll be On the Radio", proves quickly that this singer-songwriter has an awesome voice and is a really solid guitar player. The title song is fun, uncomplicated and radio friendly, and the record gets steadily even better from there. His sound is easy to digest for a wide range of audiences. Earthy and upbeat, the rock, pop and midwestern country influences of this artist shine proudly. Each track is catchy and different, holding this old Dawg's extremely fragile attention span throughout! The third track, "The Good Land" could easily become a cult hit. Full of free spirit and infectious rhythm, it brings forth an adventurous, young spirit.

I especially appreciate the little touches, like the harmonica on "Rock and Roll Was New". It's bright and clean, and has a warm tone that gives the song a cool, nostalgic feel. "Rock and Roll Was New" is a track most any musician or music lover can identify with, detailing the newfound passion of a lifelong love of music. Singing of his first guitar, "I plugged it in and felt a spark, rock 'n roll was new and hit me hard" is a line I'll never forget. Whether you love to play, or you love to listen, it'll remind you of your first music discovery.

It's hard to choose a favorite track, I really enjoyed them all, so I won't review each, you'll just have to hear them! The playing on the record is tight and competent, and the songs are truly well-written, both in lyrics and instrumentation. Lesleigh Memmel provides lovely backing vocals, as well as playing the all of the keys, and hand percussion. Drums are executed by Luke Osiecki, Spencer Ward and Benjamin Picker. They're all great choices to back up the record, and really give each song just the right feel. It's apparent that a lot of thought went into the writing, production and recording of the record, because it's superbly well executed. The mix on each track is notably careful and precise, and really makes it a pleasure to listen to. Be sure to check out Tony's Web page, for some interesting facts about him and his playing that will truly amaze you!

This is an album I'd share with most any listener, it's so versatile and pleasing. "We'll Be On the Radio" has definitely made it to my personal play list, and if you're looking for a great album with no filler and plenty of heart, you'll want it too. I recommend digesting it with a juicy burger and some fries, because it's that kind of all-American classic in the flesh. Bonus points if you have a convertible, it conjures visions of cruising with the top down.

This is a special pre-release, the official album drops February 26, 2016, when you'll be able to download it through all the usual online retailers. But since you can't have my copy, go get your own! You can get the CD now, at:

Stay free, listeners!

The Dawg

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