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Seat Of Our Pants- "Higher Ground"

Sneak peek alert, announcing the new album by Seat of Our Pants!

This contemporary folk album, "Higher Ground", is their second record, and we're thrilled for them. I can't name names, but the record reminds me very much of one from a favorite revival artist who was prominent in the 60's. With tastefully simple refrain and uncomplicated, uncluttered music, it could well be an old folk classic, if not for the modern references! The poetic lyrical work is thoughtful, often cute and tongue-in-cheek. Artists of yesteryear might have written about trouble with a lover or on the farm, but the lyrics in this modern day folk incarnation deal with appropriately current subjects, such as too much technology, local eateries, and love in the modern day. There's traditional subjects as well, for you folk purists. Upbeat and cheerful, it's an uplifting album for the folk fan and Americana lover.

The title track, "Higher Ground" is probably my favorite on this record. It has a boot-stomping feel, which might make you want to play along, so keep your spoons handy! Written by Jeff Gorman (upright bass) and Carolyn Brodginski (guitar, vocals, dulcimer and mandolin throughout the album), this fast-paced song has a distinct bluegrass sound. It also carries great reference to a favorite local coffee house, well loved by so many folks, musicians especially for its vibe, and welcoming proprietress. "Flying Dinosaur" is a cool fantasy piece of a dream of God (in disguise!) Written and sung by Mark Hall (also cajon and percussion on the album), it's carried throughout by his sweet voice, and has the atmosphere of a song that I would sing to my daughter in the evening as we settle in for bedtime.

Old Scratch favors the track "Grandpa Rocco", which he has dubbed "bluegrass cabaret". I'm sure it will be a pleasure to see performed live. We're looking forward to the album release event, and hope they'll play this rousing piece for us. Carolyn follows in Grandpa Rocco's footsteps in this piece, playing the mandolin "Don't Break the Rules" is a story of OCD, and self-imposed habits. It's adorable, and a familiar theme to many of us. (I'm guilty as charged!) The vocal harmonies are the sweet icing on this country-bluegrass styled track. Michael Franteen lays pretty violin tracks for the album, especially notable in "Letting Go", which is a lovely instrumental piece. Old Scratch chooses this song as his favorite, for its easygoing air and slow-dance feel. It's a great piece to relax to, so pour a nice glass of wine. "Higher Ground" is a fun album, and we're excited for Seat of Our Pants to bring it to the public ears!

EDIT: This review was a sneak peek, so at the time, we couldn't post a link to the music. Here is the official Seat Of Our Pants home page!

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