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Randomizer: "Cream of Consciousness"

"Cream of Consciousness" is the first release by CT-based power trio Randomizer. Calling them "prog- rock" alone would exclude the metal, jazz and industrial veins so evident in this dynamic trio, so I'll forgo labels of genre.

This unique album creates a sonic environment that music lovers can consider a second home. Seamlessly blending morphing rhythms and melodies, this record takes a listener from the depths of the deepest ocean, to galaxies far away, without ever leaving the couch. No vocal narrations are necessary for the journey, the instrumentation holds it all up on its own.

PAN GALACTIC (Jeff Carter): wields guitars, synths, banshees, and various alien-outlawed nebula technologies, and he's a multi-instrument machine, all while playing one guitar, thanks to his mind-blowing skill, and a Moog synth guitar hooked up to a terrifying monolith that is the command station for the "randomization". That phenomenon occurs when he hits a magic button (switch? hidden lever? ) and the rack decides all on its own what instrument sounds to sample. You'll hear, besides his signature creamy guitar tone, sounds of B3 organ, flutes, flowy synth tones, and some nostalgic and very recognizable sounds (I won't ruin the surprise.)

PROTEUS MAXIMUS (Dylan Cram) on bass, sub-frequency soundscapes, and low-end meta-detonations, is a mind-blowing low end, with both rhythmic and melodic playing. I think he might have psychic powers, but that's another article.... Suffice to say, he is larger than life when he's got his bass in his hands, and his intuitive playing holds the backbone, shaking bone, and funny bone of the trio.

BLASTRONAUT (Jeff Sullivan) on drums, samples, rhythmic visions and interdimensional missiles, is an unbelievable force to be reckoned with. He keeps time through every change and segue, while improvising, embellishing, and enhancing the Randomizer experience in every way, sometimes even playing with his back to the crowd, just to keep everyone on their toes, and add to the dynamic, unexpected, twists and turns! You won't believe it when you see it, but yes, it's really happening!

"Cream of Consciousness" is sure to be the next album you'll have on repeat!

You can have this fantstic album by visiting their BandCamp site at:

Randomizer's second release, "Journey to the Center of the Girth" is in the works, we'll update you with release info!

Happy listening, and love to all!

The Dawg


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